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The largest store in the Russian Federation and CIS countries

Mirrors of the Hydra

The Hydra trading platform can be called an analogue of AliExpress for "18+ users"

The site contains an incredible number of services and goods that go beyond the law. Each offer comes from a specific store.
When choosing a seller, customers can use the reviews left on the site by those who have already had a chance to cooperate with him. The popularity of Hydra is growing every day.
But since the marketplace sells everything that is prohibited, despite the demand for the site, its work is regularly blocked.

Only the official website can be banned by the competent authorities, but not a copy or mirror.
The administration is actively working on creating new duplicates so that they cannot be tracked.
Hydra mirrors, the list of which is constantly updated, allows you to visit marketplace at any time and buy whatever you need. New users can register through the clone page and not be afraid to be caught in illegal actions.

You can make purchases on Hydra

in hundreds of stores with tens of thousands of items

Where are the actual URLs published?

Hydra mirrors in the current year 2022 can be found in the following sources:

On partner resources

Marketplace Hydra cooperates with a huge number of partners. On their pages, they publish various information materials about the "dark" store. In them you can search for working mirrors

On thematic forums

You can ask for links from those who regularly "hang up" on the forums. In addition, they always have representatives of the marketplace itself. You can also find out the addresses from them

On the official site

If the user is lucky enough to visit the official Hydra page, you need to immediately copy the links to the mirrors from it. They are placed on the start page at the bottom right

Any of these methods will allow you to get a working link and log into the Hydra platform

Alternate Login Capabilities

In fact, the mirror is an original copy of the official Hydra site. However, his domain name is different. The duplicate is needed in order to confuse the RKN and prevent it from blocking the platform. Even if the real Hydra is blocked, the user, thanks to an alternative link, will be able to visit a personal account, make a purchase with a marketplace, and make other financial transactions. In addition, if all buyers visit the same site on a weekend, it may become slow or completely inaccessible due to excessive load


Going to the Hydra resource through the mirror, you will have the following opportunities:

1. Ordering and selling services and goods.
2. Using a guarantor, a search engine, exchangers, working with promotions, contacting support and administration.
3. Access to settings in your own account
4. Account replenishment and withdrawal of money from the balance
5. Job search on the site and training in various specialties

Mirrors can function even in a regular browser

However, in this case, you need to take care of your personal security yourself by connecting proxy servers or VPN.
They will allow you to hide your private activities on the dark web and make purchases on Hydra safe
To enter Hydra as safely as possible, it is better to open links to mirrors in the Tor browser

Go to the Hydra mirror

Hydra working mirror

This is the official Hydra website from the project administration, working throughout the CIS and does not require a TOR connection.

A mirror is a site that is exactly the same as the original but with a different domain name, this is the most common way to ensure accessibility of the store in conditions of blocking or attacking the main site.

The fact is that the time of free Internet has long ended and today the governments of different countries are actively interfering in the work of hosting sites, domain registrars and in general everything that can affect the operation of the network.

In addition, there are competitors who organize DDOS attacks on the store’s sites in order to make it at least temporarily unavailable and thus take it out of work. For a long time, neither one nor the other can do this, but sometimes for several hours the Hydra site really becomes slow or completely inaccessible.

Naturally, every action creates opposition and the administration of the Hydra store creates duplicates of the main site so that the store does not stop working even in such a difficult situation.

Even if the main mirror of the marketplace is now available and working normally, we recommend that you keep the mirror in your bookmarks, just in case you need to make a purchase, and the main mirror will be unavailable
Link to Hydra website

Media about the marketplace Hydra

Dear users, due to the termination of support for v2 domains, the Hydra website will soon open at:


Redirection will be enabled on other mirrors
You can read more about the transition from v2 to v3 domains here:

You can identify onion v3 addresses by their 56 characters length, for example, Tor Project v2 address: http://expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion/ and Tor Project v3 address: http: //2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyonclen53 </ attention> > If you are the Onion Service Administrator, you should upgrade to Onion Service v3 as soon as possible. If you are a user, make sure you update your bookmarks to the v3 onion website URLs.

In September 2020, Tor began warning operators and onion service customers that v2 would be deprecated and deprecated in version 0.4.6. The Tor browser began warning users in June 2021.

In July 2021, Tor 0.4.6 will no longer support v2, and support will be removed from the codebase.

In October 2021 We will release new stable versions of the Tor client for all supported episodes that will disable v2.

You can read more in the Tor Project blog post on the end of support for Onion Service version 2.

Can I access Onion v2 after September? Is this a backward incompatible change?
V2 onion addresses are fundamentally insecure. If you have v2 onion, we recommend you migrate now. This is a backward incompatible change: Onion v2 services will not be available after September 2021.

Yes, we are constantly working to improve the security of onion services. Some of the jobs we have on our roadmap are ESTABLISH_INTRO Cell DoS Defense Extension, Res tokens: Anonymous Credentials for Onion Service DoS Resilience, and First Take at PoW Over Introduction Circuits. For an overview of these offerings, read the detailed blog post How to Stop a Denial (of Service).