Exchange QIWI to BTC

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Change QIWI to BTC (Bitcoin)

To do this, go to the “Exchange” section by clicking on the appropriate item in the menu  Exchange for bitcoins

On the exchange page, you must select the QIWI-Wallet exchange method by clicking on the corresponding icon, after which you will see the calculator. You can calculate the exchange in one of two ways:

1) Based on the amount that you have in rubles on QIWI
2) Based on the amount of BTC that is needed to buy goods in bitcoins  Exchange QIWI for bitcoins

  * Important !!! enter the amount in bitcoins in the lower field (for example 0.001 or 0.0025689), in the upper field in rubles.  

Consider two options:

1) You have 5600r for QIWI and they need to be exchanged for BTC , we put a dot next to the field “you have” , we change the amount to 5600, the system automatically calculates (taking into account the commission exchanger) the amount in BTC that will be credited to your account after the exchange  You have
2) You have selected a product and, for example, it costs 0.001569 BTC, we put a dot next to the “you need” field and change the amount to 0.001569, the system will automatically calculate (taking into account the exchanger’s commission) the amount in rubles which you need to translate for sharing  You need

  ** Please note that all exchangers are checked by the resource administration and you can safely change them in any of them !!!  

So you have chosen a convenient exchange format for you, choose any exchanger that you like, and click the “ EXCHANGE” button, you will be offered the rules for the exchange, you will also need to specify the wallet number from which you will make a money transfer (this is necessary to identify your payment) if everything suits you – press the button “ CONFIRM”  Confirm payment

After a short wait, you will be given the details of the exchanger for payment and a note to the payment (comment, you need to specify it when transferring money),  Waiting for props
after you have transferred rubles from your qiwi wallet to the specified details – press the button “ I PAYED “, the operator checks the payment and transfers BTC to the wallet that is linked to your account.  I paid for

The exchange was successful, you will see bitcoins on your balance. You can see all your exchange operations in the archive section.  Archive

If you have any problems with the exchange, click on the name of the exchanger and write to him in a personal, for this you need to click on the name of the exchanger, after going to the exchanger page, click on the WRITE  Write After that, a window for sending a message will open, where you need to specify the subject and essence of the problem (correctly describing the problem without provocations and conflicts) and press the SEND button  Message to the exchanger width =
Let’s hope that this guide helped you solve the issue with the exchange on the Hydra site, if something is not clear here read a similar entry How to top up balance on Hydra?

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