How to order Hydra

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How to place an order for Hydra – Buying a product

Order with QIWI or BTC

How to place an order for Hydra? – This question is mostly asked by beginners. When you are on the product page, you need to select the city, the area of ​​interest, the required quantity and click the “Buy” button.

How to make a purchase on Hydra

After that, you will be taken to the product confirmation page, where you will see two or more purchase options.

  1. Place an order for QIWI
  2. Purchasing from your balance with bitcoins

How to order Hydra

It is important to remember that the purchase for qiwi or sim is available after the first successful order. Beginners can replenish the balance through the exchanger and pay for the order only from the balance of bitcoin!!! If you are, then you should read the following material replenish balance on Hydra

1.Purchase of goods for QIWI

We put a dot on the selected option “Payment from qiwi wallet“. You will need to enter your qiwi wallet number, this is necessary to identify the payment and click on the “I confirm the order” button.

After confirming your order, you will be taken to your order page:

Where, after a short wait, you will be given details.

When placing an order for kiwi, the goods are reserved at the seller for 30 minutes. The price of the goods in BTC is fixed until the end of the payment. This protects against jumps in the bitcoin rate. After issuing the details, the button “Contact the exchanger” is available. Regarding payment for kiwi, you need to write to the exchanger, and not to the seller.
After pressing the button “I have paid

    • if you paid more than necessary, the change is credited to the balance,
    • if less – the order is canceled and the money for the order is credited to the account
    • well, if the transfer to qiwi is completed, but the payment is not confirmed before the timer expires, the order is canceled and after the payment is confirmed, the money is credited to the balance.

When everything goes well, the address of the treasure will appear on the order page, in the form of photos or links to photos from photo hosting. And the order goes into the status “Awaiting review“. If you found your treasure without any problems, you need to leave a review about the product and the store, as well as rate it from 1 to 10.

2.Purchase from your balance with bitcoins

We put an end to the selected option – payment from balance in bitcoins. You can replenish the balance by transferring from any third-party bitcoin wallet, or by making an exchange in Hydra exchangers, you can find out about this in the article exchange Qiwi for bitcoins, and press the button “I confirm the order

Hydra checkout

Payment is instant and bitcoins are debited from your account. After that, you get to the page of your order:
There you will see your address in the form of a photo. It can also be encrypted and given to you as a one-time link. Copy the link and paste it in a new browser tab. REMEMBER! THE LINK CAN BE ONE-TIME, COPY ITS CONTENT SEPARATELY.

HYDRA Order Information

After you have bought a product, you need to leave a review about the product and the store and rate it from 1 to 10. On which the rating of the trading platform depends. You have 24 hours for this. After which, the store will automatically be assigned the highest score of 10 points. Therefore, do not neglect this moment.

How to Order Hydra – Hoard Explanations

In case of misunderstandings on the search, it is worth writing to the seller through a special form. To do this, find the “ask a question” button on the order page.

Ask a Hydra order question


The manager page opens, where the order number is indicated in the subject of the conversation. Ask your question and click the “Submit” button. After submitting, go to the message page. There you can send more photos to your appeal.

HYDRA order question

In most cases, stores go to a meeting and help with additional clarifications in the course of correspondence.

Solving problems when asking how to order Hydra

If you could not reach an understanding in the correspondence or the seller is silent, in this case, open a dispute. By clicking on the “dispute” button on the order page, as this is the only way to get a refund to the balance. True, it will still be necessary to prove their case in case they are not found.

Open dispute on Hydra

After that, the Dispute window will open. Describe the problem in it. Try to keep it short, clear and correct.

How to invite a Hydra moderator

If you cannot resolve the issue yourself with the seller, invite to resolve the issue Moderator.

What if the problem is solved on Hydra

When you come to an agreement – click on the “Problem solved” button.

Hopefully you’ve learned from this guide how to order Hydra