How to pay for a purchase on Hydra

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In this article, we will clearly analyze step by step how to pay for a purchase on Hydra. Today, not all HYDRA visitors know how to shop on the site. Now let’s talk about everything.

Direct replenishment of Hydra bitcoin balance

For purchases on HYDRA, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is used. Each user is assigned an individual internal bitcoin wallet upon registration. After topping it up, you can make purchases. To do this, while on any page of the site, click on the “Balance” button in the header to get to the page for managing your funds. Or follow the direct link http://hydraclubntx5na57trzt7nfomwwb2racveplekdb5uglb776jonhvqd.onion/balance​ , which is available only through the TOR browser.

How to pay for a purchase on Hydra

After going to the page with balance details, you will see your bitcoin wallet address, which is unique for each site user. To replenish your account, transfer Bitcoin to this address, in any way convenient for you: it can be a transfer from your wallet, from any external external exchanger, of which there are a great many on the Bestchange website (, or from any cryptocurrency exchange. When you have already sent funds to the wallet, there must be at least two confirmations in the blockchain network of your transaction. After being credited to your account, you will be able to pay for the purchase on Hydra.

Bitcoin wallet internal address

Other methods of replenishment to pay for goods

There are other methods to replenish Hydra balance on the site, to pay for purchases on Hydra, o which we discussed in another article. But we recommend this method as more profitable. Since on internal exchangers, the exchange rate is comparable to robbery. And if suddenly something goes wrong, you can not catch up with your money.