How to access the Hydra website?

How to access the Hydra website?

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How to enter the Hydra website – people who heard about it from their friends ask such a question. But asking a direct question may not always be convenient, for ethical reasons. Here and now we will open the veil of secrecy for you.

What is HYDRA

So, Hydra is one of the largest marketplaces in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. It presents a wide range of prohibited goods and services. On the platform, you can not only purchase high-quality products, but also make transactions anonymously. The resource has an intuitive interface, offers a lot of functions for both sellers and buyers. The portal has moderators who ensure that customers receive their parcels with a guarantee and do not risk financial resources.

Hydra service features

The platform provides the “Autoguarantor” service, that is, after placing an order, a certain amount is frozen on the buyer’s account, which is debited in favor of the seller when the user confirms the receipt of the goods. At the same time, users have the opportunity to leave a review about the store and evaluate its work on a 10-point scale.

In order to use the services of the service, you need to register on the official website. How to access the Hydra website. To go to it, you will need to find the Hydra Mirror in a reliable source. Fraudsters are constantly spoofing Hydra’s website, creating so-called phishing pages. Buyers switch to these copies and, without knowing it, transfer money to scammers. The service itself is absolutely safe and is designed so that there are no “holes” in the page scripts.

The main feature of the platform is that there is not even a minimal probability that the identity of the buyer or seller will be identified on the Internet. Bitcoins are used as the settlement currency, which, as you know, cannot be traced.

How to enter the site – use the Hydra mirror

As a result of the fact that online stores of such a plan are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor tirelessly blocks the pages of Hydra. Therefore, for the full operation of the service, mirrors are created, which are copies of the main platform and have the same functionality. As soon as one of the service’s domain names is blocked at the request of Roskomnadzor, site administrators register a new Hydra mirror, so the marketplace’s activity is ongoing.

There are two ways to go to the Hydra website:

  1. Install the Tor browser.
  2. Constantly monitor the list of active mirrors for updates.

The first method is more reliable and more convenient. Tor is a browser that, after visiting a particular page on the Internet, completely removes any traces of the user’s stay on it. Through it, you can go to pages that are blocked when using other familiar browsers.

Using mirrors for Hydra is also relevant, but it is a less stable method. You can find the “correct” copies of the marketplace through partner sites, on thematic forums, or on the main site, where a list of current mirrors is indicated.

How to shop?

To purchase the desired product or service, it is enough to create a login and password on the Hydra website. After that, a personal account on the marketplace will be automatically opened. You also need to replenish your account, if necessary, you can use the built-in exchanger. Then you can move on to shopping. The Hydra website provides a convenient search system. Products can be filtered by city, popularity and many other parameters.

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