Official Hydra Mirrors

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Write down for yourself somewhere, or rather, bookmark the following Hydra mirrors, so as not to look for them later when you need them, and so as not to accidentally run into some dubious sites

hydraclubntx5na57trzt7nfomwwb2racveplekdb5uglb776jonhvqd.onion hydrarusdblnwa2227p334hx5hdl6whakkw7huxy3llblkvnygm7yxyd.onion hydrarusezy7n4fzcjgdbofobsgahce2efhn3sb5gs5rifv5ikd7dyyd.onion

You can find these same links in the middle of the main page of the Hydra site, like this:

Now in the Russian Federation they actively block the TOR browser, they also block bridges - IP addresses that should provide a connection in case of blocking. So, the government has already reached the bridges themselves. In practice, this means that today your Tor works, but not tomorrow, this is already a reality. In this case, a gateway has been created through which you can access Hydra without the TOR browser: